Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Gather Statistics on Custom Schemas for Ebusiness Suite 11i and R12?

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To gather statistics for Oracle Applications Ebusiness Suite 11i or R12 modules you should use the concurrent programs 'Gather Schema Statistics', 'Gather Table Statistics', or run 'FND_STATS'.

In order to run the programs 'Gather Schema Statistics', 'Gather Table Statistics', or run 'FND_STATS'  for a custom schema, the schema must be registered with the Application.

To register an schema with Oracle Applications, follow the steps listed in
Note 176852.1 - Integrating Custom Applications with Oracle Applications

If the custom schema is not registered, it will not show up in the LOV for schema selection for the mentioned concurrent programs.

You can run the following statement to see which schemas are currently registered with the Ebusiness Suite:

select   distinct(upper(oracle_username)) sname
from     fnd_oracle_userid a, fnd_product_installations b
where    a.oracle_id = b.oracle_id
order by sname;

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