Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prevent Concurrent Requests Executing on New Cloned Environment

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To prevent concurrent requests executing on a newly cloned environment 2 steps will be required.

1) Prevent Concurrent Managers from starting as part of the Clone

2) Change data concerning concurrent requests so they do not execute when the concurrent managers start.

To prevent Applications Services (including Concurrent Managers) from starting automatically during Rapid Clone an enhancement request has been raised to see if this can be considered an option during the clone.

Until this feature is available there is the following workaround.

1. Edit the $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin/

2. Go to the end of the file

3. Change the following lines:-

print "\n Starting application Services for $s_dbSid:\n";
print "Running:\n";
print(" $s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/<appspwd>\n");
system("$s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/$PWD");


print "\nNOT Starting application Services for $s_dbSid:\n";
#print "Running:\n";
#print(" $s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/<appspwd>\n");
#system("$s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/$PWD");

4. Run "perl appsTier" as normal.

The services will not start Automatically when the clone completes allowing data to be changed safely.

There is a need to change 2 sets of concurrent requests to prevent execution

a) Terminate 'Running' Requests
b) Set Pending jobs to 'On Hold'

a) Set Terminating or Running to Completed/Terminated
UPDATE fnd_concurrent_requests
SET phase_code = 'C', status_code = 'X'
WHERE status_code ='T'
OR phase_code = 'R'

b) Place Pending/(Normal/Standby) to On Hold
UPDATE fnd_concurrent_requests
SET hold_flag = 'Y'
WHERE phase_code = 'P'
AND status_code in ('Q','I')

Once these changes have been committed then the Application services including concurrent manager can be restarted and the concurrent jobs will not be executed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Once we finished dbTier clone We used to do,
a) Terminate 'Running' Requests
b) Set Pending jobs to 'On Hold'

before running appsTier clone.
Hence apps services will start after clone but request won't run.