Sunday, April 6, 2008

How to find out if a product is installed in e-Business Suite?

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You can find out what products are installed in e-Business Suite, and their patch levels, via Oracle Applications Manager.

You will also find a list of the installed by running the script <adutconf.sql> ($AD_TOP/sql/adutconf.sql), or in the file <applprod.txt>. You can find out the patch level of any product you have installed in e-Business Suite by running the following query via SQL:

$ sqlplus apps / <pwd>

                          substr(PRODUCT_VERSION,1,14) version,
                          substr(PATCH_LEVEL,1,11) patch_level,
           FROM fnd_application a, fnd_product_installations p
           WHERE a.application_id = p.application_id
           ORDER BY application_short_name

If you know the product code, you can obtain output for individual products with the following SQL:

SQL> SELECT patch_level
           FROM fnd_product_installations
           WHERE patch_level LIKE '<product_code>'
for example:          WHERE patch_level LIKE 'BIS'

The product code is the 2- or 3-letter code you see when you search for a patch in Metalink by product family, and in the name of the patchset, e.g. 11i.BIS.L.

As a double check that the database knows that the product is installed, you can run the following query. It should produce the same answer:

SQL> SELECT fa.application_id id, fa.application_short_name app, fa.application_name, fpi.status,
           FROM fnd_application_all_view fa, fnd_product_installations fpi
           WHERE fa.application_id = fpi.application_id
           AND fpi.patch_level LIKE '<product_code>'

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