In Oracle Applications professional Users can access professional forms via Applet in web

browser.  This Form Applet must run with in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Oracle bundles

its own JVM as Oracle Jinitiator.  This Jinitiator is available only for Windows Client and for

Unix/Linux you have to use Java Plug-In. Till Oracle Apps 11i default JVM was Jinitiator but

with Oracle Apps R12 default JVM under which form Applet run is J2SE Plug-In. If you are

accessing Oracle Applications (11i/R12), Apps will automatically prompt you to install Jinitiator

or J2SE Plug-in (If Jinitiator/J2SE is not installed in client machine) but if you are accessing

same Oracle Applications from Linux/Unix it does not prompt to install plug-in and you can't

apps forms from Linux client.


Steps explained from Bas Klassen Blog :

Accessing Oracle EBS from Linux Client