Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Add a Web Link to the APPS Forms Menu

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Forms personalization feature may be used to add a new field in the menus of the forms in the e-business suite 11 i .

Below is the Forms Personalization code which will add a Web Link in the Tools menu  :

1) Login to your responsibility
2) Go to the Forms you need to personalize
3) Open personalizations forms :  Help/Diagnostics/Custom Code/personalize
4) Enter sequence as '1' and in description enter 'Init Web URL menu'
5) In condition tab, enter trigger event as 'WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE'
6) Click on 'Actions' tab. Enter sequence as '1' and Type = 'Menu'.
7) Choose Menu Entry (any of the special menu entries). Eg. Special 12
6) Enter menu label ( eg: Web URL )
8) In 'Enabled in Blocks' field you can choose for which blocks the special menu needs to be enabled or leave blank to be enabled for all the blocks of the forms
9) Go back to the main block where you entered 'Init Web URL menu'.
10) Enter a new record with sequence as '2' and in description enter 'Launch URL'
11)In Conditions tab, enter trigger event as 'SPECIAL12'
12) Click on Actions tab. Enter sequence as '1' and Type = 'Builtin'.
13) Choose 'Launch a URL' for Builtin Type
13) Enter the argument as your URL ( eg : www.oracle.com ) and click 'Apply now' button.
14 ) Save .
15) Exit form , logout , login and go to your Forms again.
16) Go to Tools menu. The new special menu ( Web URL ) entry will be displayed.
Click to launch URL.


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Hi I need to know how to call report from menu entry using form personalization . please help me in doing so

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Hi Famy,
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.