Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oracle Applications 11i Hot Backup Cloning

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You can make use of rapid clone for hot backup cloning of oracle applications 11i.

These are very useful while Oracle Applications Production server where downtime

is very much limited and is required to 24/7.

For 9i database, you can generate script to put tablespaces in offline mode.

For 10g datbase, you can put database itself in offline mode.

Here are the steps explained from Atul Kumars Blog :

Hot Backup Cloning  ( which are explained for a 10g database with 11i )


yaseen said...

Hi famy

I try to do hot backup cloning

if i try to create control file creation it showing error ..
Can you help in this part

yaseen ar

famy said...

whats the error you are facing ?

vasu said...

Hi famy,

Nice Post yaar, But you have mentioned the word "offline"

The major defferenc is there between offline and "begin backup" mode.

Offline: If you put tablespace in offline you can't do any transaction on that perticular tablespace.
Begin backup: You can do transaction on the objects pertaining to this tablespace. only thing is the datafle header will be in freeze state. Once you take out of the backup mode your datafile header will be updated with new SCN no's.

Any way's thanks for the blog and the effort you are putting in.


Mamatha said...

Hi Famy,

Ours is 11.5.9 on windows 2003.

I did a cloning everything is fine but im not able to open front end using


But it works using the forms login(below link.).Tried so many things but no luck…Raised SR also but no valuable inputs

Apps listener is also up and running


Last week the cloning was sucessful without any issue.

Do you have any suggestions on this…..